Monday, January 9, 2012

I hate you - chapter 4.

Today will not be easy, I have no idea how I am going to survive. First of all, I have to wait till evening to see Josh, because he attends a different college, and the other thing which really bothers me is the movie today. I can't believe that I am actually going to the cinema with him. I consider him the biggest enemy of my short life so far. I know it is childish to say such things, but I do believe from the bottom of my heart that he is just fooling around and cannot take anything seriously. And the most annoying thing is that he started to act as my secretary and he booked me for today... As if he knew exactly how he can make me mad and as he he knew I am that stubborn that I would attend this movie night even if I do not want to.

I was excited the whole day, Sonia tried to calm me down by telling that we won't be actually alone in that cinema and the 2 kids will be there too. She also added that I can arrange that I sit next to the kids or between them, but I do not necessarily have to sit next to Nate. Maybe it will happen so, that I can sit next to Holly, but I do not want to go anywhere with him. I want to be with Josh, but not him. I want him to touch me and hold my hand... I wish it was him I had to go to the movies with, I would not be that nervous now...

By the way I have not seen Nate since the game last night. Well, this usually happens because we are not attending the same classes in the same wings. It is even better not seeing him in the morning, therefore I can gain some happiness to the evening... I am not sure how long that happiness will last. The day went by really fast.

When I started to believe that the movie night will not happen, my phone vibrated in my pocket, it was a number I did not recognize. I took the call and said my name. It was Nate. He told me that we should take the kids together from preschool and then go to the mall.
He was not a jerk, just telling the facts, and I was the one accepting my fate.
  • By the way where did you get my number from? - I asked when he was about to hang up on me.
  • It was Holly. If you don't mind.. - he answered back.
  • No, I don't mind - I said stammering.

We met at the main entrance of the College. We were silent all the way to the preschool. By foot it takes about 15 mintues, but he did not say a word. It was usually him talking, the silence was a bit strange now. I am sure if he could, he would be fooling me the whole day. I don't know what is in his mind right now, but I gave up a long time ago to figure this man out. He is an emotional deadend.

We got to the preschool and waited till the kids were running down the stairs of the main entrance all greeting their parents or the responsible people to pick them up. Nate seemed to be in a better mood now that Tommy and Holly were with us. Well, I can tell that Holly's smile also made me melt and forget that we will be attending this movie with him...

As the kids were super-excited for the movie, they started to push us toward the direction of the mall. The mall was not that close by foot, we had to go by bus. After 20 minutes the bus finally made it to the mall.  We got off and headed to way of the plaza.

At first I thought that my eyesight got bad... But it is really him. It was Josh standing in front of the mall. I tried to calm myself not to run to his arms like a first grader does when they see Santa Claus. By the time I reached him, I greeted him with a big kiss. He was not hesitant kissing me back and our tongues started dancing and savouring each other. Then I heard a bell in my head saying that maybe we should not do this in front of minors, and with a tender kiss on the lip I finished our kiss.

I looked at the kids immediately to see if I was the one making a perv of them when they will be old enough to understand what we did... I could not see any sign of seducement. However I noticed how frustrated Nate started to be since we got here. He actually sent a warrior grimace to Josh, oh he is such a kid. Holly and Tommy looked as if they were disappointed, maybe they thouhgt that I would be skipping the movies, but it was not in my intention. A promise is a promise.

Was Josh's intention the same? Why did he come here? I was thinking in my mind when I turned to him finally.
  • And .. You?
  • Now that I cannot get to go to the movies with you, I just needed my kiss. - he said, he was so sweet!
  • But we can meet after the movie here in the plaza - I replied, but I was indeed happy for him missing me that much.
  • And I'm going to be waiting here. - he said and had a beautiful breathtaking grin on his face. I just stood there, took his face and kissed him. He could feel some passion in my kiss too, but  I wanted to say thank you somehow.
  • Let's go in guys, because the punch is getting closer to explode. - he said cheerfully and looked at Nate. I also looked at his direction, but he had his back turned to me, as if he was so disgusted that he would not even have the strength to watch it. It was funny, both of the kids standing and looking in my direction while the person between them stood on the other direction in protest. I gave my Josh a last kiss before the movie and I started to head the kids to the main entrance.
  • Sharing the bed with the enemy? - I heard behind me. Can you guess who said it?... Of course, Nate. I did not even give him the satisfaction to retort back, I did not reply. I ignored him.

The movie we selected was Cars 2, it was the kids' favorite as it turned out and typically, my little sis loves cars as much as any little boy can do.

I was sitting next to Holly, thank goodness, then Tommy and Nate. I was happy for the seating plan. I held a 2 liter coke cup in my hands, sharing with Holly, but it was me who had to drink most of the time. As the movie progressed I started to feel that buying a 2 liter coke for a movie was maybe not the best idea.  Unfortunately by my side was a wall, and I had to go through 10 seats to finally reach the stairs and be able to rush to the door. I whispered to Holly that I had to go to the restroom and I would be right back. I put down my cup to the rail of my seat and started to climb through Holly and Tommy. It was all piece of cake, but then I reached Nate. He stood up nicely and let me go. I mean this was what I wished, but he kept sitting, not helping.
  • Please let me go out - I wisperesd to him, not to disturb the other people, but the lady who looked like a grandma, sitting behind him started to hiss.
  • Where are you going? - Nate asked annoying me.
  • To the restroom, but come on you know that already - I whispered back.

Then granny behind him not just hissed, but told us to be quiet. Nate let me go but the palce where I could put my feet was very narrow and I lost my balance. He stretched his arms toward me and I held his hand for a millisecond to get back to my feet. His touch almost made me lose my balance again. I immediately put my hands next to my body, and when I got past him, I only had to pass 4 empty seats. I rushed to the emergency door. One thing is good when you leave the movie before it ends, there is no queue in the restroom. I finished very fast and got back to the room, I went us the stairs and watched the leading lights which row is ours. When I reached it I passed the 4 empty seats again and Nate stretched his hand again toward me, I took it and pull mine from his as soon as I passed through him. I muttered a thank you. Then I fell into my seat. It was good to be back safe again. I drank some coke to forget what happened. But I could not. I was wondering about him. If he was not this giant asshole, he would be a great boyfriend material, he has the looks and the charm. But not for me of course, it would be the end of the world if we had to be together lol. I cannot even stand him wathcing a movie, not even touching me. What was the vibration that I felt when he touched me? I had another sip of coke. He may be good for Deb or Chels. Not for Sonie, because se swore se would not be going out with anyone until the match season is over for floorball. That is understandable, because this is her big chance.

While I was thinking about the possibilities of him not being a jerk, my sister punched me on the side and said that she is bored with the letters now. Then I realized that the movie was over and I looked at the guys, they both looked at me waiting. I stood up, picked up my coat and everyone did the same. The kids needed to go to the restroom, and they were mayor enough to do this, so we were waiting in front of the doors with Nate.
  • Are you going to be with him tonight? - he asked.
  • Yes - I replied back surprised. This is none of his business!
  • And how did you plan to take Holly home? - he asked frowning. Oh fuck, I forgot about her.
  • She will come with us - I said immediately. I did not want him to notice that I forgot this "tiny" detail.
  • Well, I would be happy if you kept this PG-4 - he retorted.
  • What the... Are you my mom or what? - I asked angrily. - Oh you are not, because my mom loves him! Listen, man, I don't know what is your problem but yes I am sharing my bed with the enemy. Accept it. - I thought if I am using his own language then he would finally get that I am with Josh now.

It seemed he did not want to argue more and stood silent. The kids got out of the restroom and I pulled Holly over.

  • Honey, would you like to stay with Josh and me tonight? - I asked trying to use my big sister charm.
  • I don't know him - she whined. This was the moment when I  felt it was not going to be easy to make her say yes.
  • Josh is a great guy Hol. I thought you liked him. Do you remember when we talked about dating? - she nodded silently - Well, Holly I am with him now, dating him.
  • But I don't like him. - she whimpered. I kew that I lost this battle.
  • What do you wnat then? - I asked sharply.
  • Go home.
  • Then I will take you and then date with Josh. - I replied.
  • Yeah, whatever... - she retorted unwillingly and passed by me and headed toward Nate. I could not even catch my breath. Why the hell she is with him when she does not like what I want? Nate probably overheard our conversation because he started smiling.  Of course he did. He always does this when I loose a battle. But wait till he realizes that I would be with the enemy....

We headed out of the plaza and I looked through the bunch of the people in front of the main entrance, but I could not see Josh. Probably he did not want to wait for me here freezing, so he found something to do in those 90 minutes he had and he will be picking me up soon.

Nate insisted that he would be waiting for him with me. He stood there laughing, and I was angry-worried, looking every possible direction, not knowing where he would show up from.

After a couple of minutes he showed up and I saw him getting closer, I wanted to turn to Nate for an 'IToldYouSo', but he already left, holding the hands of the kids. He would take them home then. They did not even say goodbye. I was angry inside, but I forgot all my anger as Josh hugged me and gave me a passionate kiss.


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