Saturday, December 24, 2011

I hate you - chapter 2.

It was 2 days to go until the big game and the entire College was excited. The building was clad in many posters of our mascots - the brown falcon - with the red-white striped background. The teachers seemed to care less about homework or essays. Even Mr Hawkins decided to be nice because I was never late since then. Well, fair enough after that 2000 words essay.

Holly's Christmas play was getting closer. Yesterday I managed to pick a very nice cyclamen thread, so I am sure, her card will be nicer than Sally's. She will then ""sew" with that thread and a fake needle.

I was still not in the Xmas mood, even the weather made sure we will have a white Xmas, but i guessed the snow will last at least until New Year's Eve.

I got my snow boots from a box in the garage, it may not be the sexiest outfit ever, but it was practical, and considering my situation, this is something essential. I do not wish to fall again like the other day. It was so strange, he was touching me for the first time and I did not know what to think. As if he became a normal human being for a couple of minutes. He could have left me there.. And considering my usual luck, I would have been falling back twice - probably - if I had to stand up myself.

Sonie had practice every single day, and I was happy to accompany her. I loved floorball.. I remember when we were young, we had built up a small floorball field with gates on the road, while the other girls were playing with dolls.
I did not envy her for making it to the team, she is a bloody good player. And considering that there are only 3 girls in the team, that is a pretty big thing.

If they manage to bet our huge rivals, the Yellow Hornets, they may get their own parking space in the parking lot from the dean. For my College, floorball was everything. There were other popular sports as well like football or basketball, but floorball was something special.

All the afternoons I went to the practice and watched the team play, so did today. I was standing next to the low board and watched the team drabbling between the buoys. Nate was not there, of course. He got there 5 minutes late, the coach beckoned him and I guess he received a wig.

There was a real cheering today, I looked at my right and I saw the "popular" girls cheering and shouting the names of the guys. Yeah, sure, there is the big game coming and they consider this sport interesting, leaving behind the football and basketball games.. For a week. Not more.

While I was wathing them, I felt an immediate pain in my left arm, I looked at it and the place where I got hit already started to turn purple. Well, if you have a pale skin like me, you are sure clad in purple all the time. I looked at the field and I saw Son and Jared rushing towards me.
  • I am so sorry, I did not mean to hit you, I was hitting the post, but the ball got twisted and somehow hit you! - apologized Jared.
  • Al, are you OK? - asked Sonie by the time she got there.
  • Yes, but it hurts like hell.
  • Let me take you to the nurse. - this did not sound like a question, so I nodded.
  • OK, let's go. - I said.

If they were making vouchers to the school nurse, I sure got one. Hits at floorball can be really painful. This is the usual wound that we get, arms and legs are in "danger". The nurse Jenny usually gives me some cream which makes the burning go away and when she is sure it did not brake, she lets me go.

When we got there Jenny was not even surprised to see me again. I entered the room and Jen pulled the drapes behind me.
  • What happened Al? Wait, le tme guess, a twisted floorball? - she asked friendly.
  • You are a genius, you nailed it! - I smiled back at her.
  • Show it to me, let's have a look. It does not look like broken, it might be just a contusion. Can you bend your elbow? - she asked and after I bent it to every possible direction, she gave me the receipt for the cream.

When I left the room, Jared jumped up his chair and asked me if I am OK and if I can make it home, because he happens to have some time to take me home. This all came out in a second. I did not know what to say, and I was too tired to argue, so I accepted his offer.

Jared went back to the gym and told the coach that he would be taking me home. He also told the team that he will get back after he made sure I got home safe. I looked at Nate, he looked angry. I do not know why. He kept looking at me then Jared then back at me. What is the matter, come on?!
 Then he immediately started shouting at his teammate for attacking the post, while he was already paying attention to me. This guy is sure missing some wheels.

 Jared took me home and we were chatting the whole way home. He was very nice. When we got to our yard, he stopped the car.
  • I am sorry I hit you.
  • Come on, it was not intentional. Do not feel sorry for me!
  • And I am also sorry that you did not make it to the team. I think you are a great player, a bit stubborn, but it will go away with time. - I did not know what to say to this. He got me off guard and I started to feel a bit strange. I did not want to know what was coming.
  • Thanks. Maybe next time - I said smiling. God, he must be misreading my smile and think that I am flirting!
  •  But will you come to the big game? - he asked.
  • Of course I will! - I replied.
  • Well, if I won't see you till the game, then see you on Friday! - he said goodbye and after a quick smile, I was alrady out of his jeep and got to the main door in an instant.

Well.. That was embarrassing.

Mom waited me in the hallways and asked me to join them for dinner. I headed to the hall and my family was already eating.
  • Who was this handsome young man who took you home? - my mom asked and my sister started to kiss her spoon and make kissing noises... Great.
  • The guy who caused this - and I showed them my new bruise. I knew this is the perfect answer to make my mom forget to take me and Jared as a couple. She always does this with any guy I ever talk to.
  • Oh my gosh! Did you show it to the doc?
  • No, only Jenny saw it. She said it is just a bruise.
  • Dorothy, leave her alone - my dad said nicely. He always understood me.
  • Ally -we-have-some-things-to-discuss - my sis whispered so loudly as kids usually do when they play secret agent.
  • O-kay-kids-we-will-do-the-wa-shing-you-go-up-stairs - my dad took the seriousness of my sis and got in her secret mission.

Holly took me to her room and asked me to sit on the bed. I was curious what would happen next.
  • In the Xmas play Tommy will be my husband!
  • Oh really? Aren't you a bit young for marriage, hon? - I asked smiling and I kissed her tiny forehead.
  • I am not a little girl anymore. - she protested. - Tommy said that I am a lady now.
  • And who is Tommy?
  • My newest friend - she said.
  • Well, then I should definitely meet your Tommy, because as far as I heard, he acts like a gentleman! I am sure he is nice! - I said in enthusiasm.
  • He is! He always gives me his toys and protects me from Sally. - she said. Sally seemed to have some rivalry with her recently. A note to myslef: Make sure that Sally's ass gets kicked soon!
  • Hon, but she only got the role of the shepherds, did not she? - I asked conforting her.
  • Yes she did - she said with a huge grin.
  • Then that will be your moment to shine, sis! :) - she hugged me tiightly and muttered something: Please come to the preschool tomorrow and take me home. It is so much fun when you come and not mommy. She never lets me do things that you do.
  • Like getting ice cream all lthe time? - I asked her.
  • Yes! Or the gapping game! She is always in a hurry, but if I step in a gap, I am in LOVE!! - she said this protesting.
  • I think it would be a great idea making the way to the car a neutral place, so even if you step in a gap, you are safe. :)
  • That is a great idea, Al! - she said thinking - So, will you come and take me?
  • I will see, I hope I can make it before floorball practice. If you would like to, after that I will take you with me.
  • Greeeeat!
  • But for now.. Go brush your teeth and get some sleep! - I said and headed to her door, but before leaving the room I looked back at her and told her: - Oh, and do not forget to pick an ice cream flavor for tomorrow! - she replied with a huge grin.

The next day was an easy one, it is only 1 day to go until the big game. After finishing my classes, I rushed to her preschool and I saw her stepping out the main entrance, taking the stairs and stopping, her eyes searching for me. I went to her and hugged her. She replied with an angelic smile and a kiss on the cheek.
  • Tommy is also here. Can we take him to the confectionery?
  • I don't think his mom would think it is a good idea. - I answered knowingly.
  • I am in! - I heard the voice I can always recognize.
  • What the hell are you doing here? - I asked immediately.
  • Al, this is Tommy's big brother, Nathan. Why are you being rude with him? - my little sis looked at me questioningly. Of course, I did not tell her anything about the... situation between Nate and I. Let's call it a war for now.
  • Holly, honey, they are not going to come with us. I am sure that the gentleman - and I looked at Nate with a grimace - is in a hurry, because he will be late from practice.
  • But you said we are also going to the practice! Why can't we go together then?
  • This is a great idea! - said Nate. Great. 2 against 1. This is not fair. I know he only wants to upset me.
  • Fine. - I said, I know her more than anyone, she is very persuasive if she wants something.
  • - Go ahead with Tommy, Nate and I will be right behind you. - my sis looked at me as if she was the adult, and I am the little girl, but she took Tommy and started walking.

I watched them, then looked at Nate, I took a huge breath, then I was following the kids. Nate was next to me in an instant.
  • It looks like they are in love, don't you think so? - he asked coming close.
  • She will realize that being a jerk is in your genes, he got the same. - I protested and stepped away from him.
  • That is very nice of you, you know him for 5 minutes. He is 4! Come on - he said and I had to admit, he is right. I did not want to make it worse, so I kept my mouth shut.

When we got to the confectionery, the kids have already picked their ice cream and I was searching for money in my pocket, when I felt Nate touching my hand for a second. I looked at him.
  • Don't you want to eat some too? Or is it too cold for Ice Queen? - he asked, I don't know how, but it was nice of him. Is he being nice again? How is this then? Nice-jerk-nice-jerk?! I swear I can only talk to him every second day.
  • I do not eat ice cream. And it is december!
  • And what? Is someone watching? I wil pick you one. - he told me.
  • You do not have to pick for me, I am not 2 years old! - I protested.
  • Relax, Ally. And now... you will get an amaretto ice-cream.
  • What is that?
  • Sour cherry and cream. Perfect match. I have been only eating amaretto since I was a little kid. If there was no amaretto, then I did not want anything else.
  • That is cute. Ok, then get me amaretto. - I answered with a smile. Let's call today a good day, one of his good days. Tomorrow he will be a jerk again, but I would like to enjoy today. And Holly does not deserve me ruining her afternoon with Tommy. We will have plently of time to argue later. But not today.

We all sat down to a table. The confectionery was almost empty, there was only a fat little boy with his mom.. Well... Who else wants ice cream in winter? Only my featherbrained little sis and her love, Tommy. And Nate...

When everyone finished eating, Hol did not start whining for another round, maybe this Tommy has some good influence on her. Then we can come here often...

We stood up, and the kids headed to the entrance. We were walking behind them. In my way to the College I was thinking a lot about him. I did not know which box to put him into : nice guy or jerk guy?...
  • Did you like the ice cream that I picked? - he asked friendly.
  • Yes.. Do.. you always come to take your little brother?
  • Yes... - he said surprised. I realized that was the first time I was actually interested in asking him. So that is why he is always late..
  • Why don't his parents get him?
  • His parents? - he asked back ironically. - His mom is working in 3 shifts, to make a living and his dad left him last year.
  • Oh, I am so-sorry. - now that was something unexpected. Come on, Ally. You can do it better.
  •  Mom loves us and she is all about family values. She does not let me get a job and be a man. She always says that at the age of 17 I should care about my studies and the floorball scholarship. She will take care of the rest. And then I thought at least I can take Tommy home every day. - I listened to him abashedly.

This guy can't be the same as the one throwing me with paper pellets and tossing me away on the corridor. And I remember every time we were talking with friends and I had something to say, or an idea or suggestion, he always reacted disapprovingly. As if I was never OK for him. And he did this in front of everyone. But he seems to be different now. He is showing a side I have never seen before, a caring older bother who if it is necessary is his father as well. This story is so sad. It must be hard for him dealing with school, floorball and family. I caressed his arm from the side, and again do not ask why. I thought it would be a nice move after all happened.

He took my action with a smile on his face.

If someone told me this would happen today, I am sure I would hit that person with a saucepan and suggest a great mental facility...

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