Friday, December 23, 2011

I hate you - chapter 1.

  • I can't wait till Friday - said Sonie happily.
  • Of course, that smile of yours is impossible to get wiped! - I answered her pretending to be strict, but we both knew each other, so we started smiling.
  • Well, it does not happen every day that you make it to the College Flooball Team.. - she replied with happy eyes.
  • Well.. About that.. You owe me a second game.. It is not fair you beat me at the preliminary! - I demanded.
  • Okay, we will make it happen sometime this week! - replied Sonie.

While we were walking in the alley of the College, I was pushed hard on the side and I made a 360 degree turn. Sonie held me so this saved me from falling. It took a couple of minutes to regain my balance. I looked at my attacker. Oh no, again that throwing guy. I got angry fast and started running to catch him. This time he crossed the limit. I hardly knew him, so that did not make sense for him to pick me all the time. His name is Nate and he is playing in the same floorball team Sonie got into. He is such a jerk, always late from practice. But that was all I knew about him. So what the heck is his problem?

  • Ally, don't go after him, he is a dumb one! - Sonie tried to make me be reasonable, but I did not care. Enough is enough.

I caught him in the courtyard and pushed him on the side just like he did a couple of minutes ago. Well, I have always been a temperamental girl, no mistake in that. I am like the "what you give, what you get" type.

Nate turned towards me and had a grimace on his face - Oh is not it you who should be angry? - I was infuriating myself. And then the avalanche got unleashed:
  • Are you completely normal? How can you be that rude? And you did not even say sorry or anything. And this is not the first time, the other day you kept throwing me with those paper pellets. What is the matter, man? Is it that hard being in the same College as me?
  • Nope.
  • No what? No, I did not want to push you away or no, you do not want me here?
  • Whatever .. I'd rather watch you rave with fury. - he told me and had an unbelievably brass smirk on his face.

Well, what happened next? I am truly not proud of, but I could not cope with rage, so I got more and more childish and started to hit his chest. I have no human reason to do that, I know, but this guy... He gets me all the time. Feeling my girly "punches", he kept smirking more and more. Then I realized this is not going to work. I need a plan, but I did not have. I only followed him to get him but I never actually thought of what am I going to do.

So I got one step back pretending that nothing happened and I had my face as calm as an Ancient Greek statue. He looked at me questioningly waiting for the issue to get escalated. But I did not know what to say, maybe the best would be not reacting at all from now whenever he picks me from the crowd to play these silly 1st grade games. OK, I will do that.. And now I will let you know.

Wait... He is gone.Great. He left me here. He dared to leave me here!

I got back to school and I realized that I am pretty late, so I hurried to Social Studies. Of course the teacher caught me entering the room and had the following comments:
  • Dear Allison, it is very nice of you to respect me as much that you attend my classes. I am sorry that I started it 20 minutes "earlier". Next time please let me know what time is convenient for you and I promise you, I will do so. Wirte an essay about the social differences between men and women. 2000 words. Tomorrow. At .my.desk.
  • I am sorry - that was all I could say out loud. My head was like the pinkest new lipsticks, and the whole class was laughing out loud.

Great. This is all his fault! I will kill him once. I am sure about that.

When the class ended, Son came to me.
  • What happened at the courtyard? Is he still alive? Or did you gut him? - she asked playfully.
  • Err.. I was punching him in the chest - she looked at me unbelievingly.
  • Are you kidding?
  • Nope.
  • Ally Kendall Hart! Well, after those years, there are indeed moments when you can surprise me.
  • Don't even tell, I was so angry at him. And do you know what was even worse?
  • What?
  • That he kept sending me that disgusting smirk on his face, and I was the one that looked like a stupid.
  • Well, a chest punch is a very desperate move, Al.
  • I know.. Next time, if he gets anywhere close I will not even look at him.
  • Aham... Okay.. - she said in disbelief. Of course, she knew me. I am not much of a poker face.

Heading home on the bus I put my earplugs on, music always got me relaxed. When I got home, mom was waiting for me and as far as I saw, she found a new hobby -again.
  • Mrs Friggs told me that if I add baking soda to the grass, our lawn will be greener than ever! - she said hello on her own way, while wiping the dirt from her hands in the faucet on the side of our house.
  • Since when do we have a lawn, mom? - I asked in mistrust, and the question for my answer came right after,  mom put her hands in the direction of the backyard. I took a quick look at it and saw a wheelbarrel and some soil in packs.
  • Since I went to the garden store. Come, give me a hand.
  • Okay. But if I were you I would look up google if Gloria is right about the baking soda. Remember, it is not her best interest that her neighbors had a greener lawn. - then my mom's face turned to something that I can only describe that children have on the face when they realize there is no Santa at all.
  • That bast....! - she slipped the words and I started to laugh. It was the first time today I had a really good laugh... Where was that nerd Nate in my mind? Nowhere right now.. - You are lucky then honey, but tomorrow, get ready for some gardening! And now I will go and google the secret of the green lawn.
  • Maybe it is to be artificial? - I asked.
  • We are not going to have artificial lawn!! - she retorted.
  • OK mom, then meet you here tomorrow. I will go upstairs, I have some homework to do.

I was sitting on the couch in the room and almost got deep into the planning of my essay, when I heard a knock on the door. After I let her in, Holly ran into my arms.
  • Hey sis, how was preschool? - I hugged her tightly.
  • We prepared some X-mas cards with a needle! - she said with a great enthusiasm.
  • A needle? But you did take care of yourself, did not you?
  • Of course.... Mrs Dorie had punched the cards and we only got a fake needle to work with. -  her face was changing suddenly as if the most important thing she wanted to say got left out - I will give it to mommy!!!!
  • She will love it! But will you show me the cards before giving it to her? - I asked with a scallywag grin, and Holly started to nod eagerly.
  • Of course and you need to help pick me the colors! Sally Foster made hers with blue, but I want something more beautiful, but I do not know which color to pick... But now I am going back to my room, and listen Al, do not come anywhere close - she said with a strict face. - I loved her for protesting, as if I did not know what was going on... For a while, every day I got close to her room heading to the bathroom, I heard her tiny legs running and rushing to the door to close it, so that I cannot get in.
  • Are you sure I cannot come? - I asked pretending to be sad.
  • Yes, I am and I am not chaning my mind- she said and left my room in a second. I could not stop laughing after the scene, I love my little sis. She is such a mini-me:  blatty determined little person.

I got my essay finished at 8:30 PM and she convinced me to watch Strawberry Shortcake with her on TV, but after that we agreed that she should go to sleep. I mean come on, she is only 4. She cannot stay awake till 10 PM.

The next day I got on the bus and I saw HIM seated in the back.  I can't believe it that he caught the same bus as I did. And how long is he taking the 867A? There was a free seat next to his, so I sat down. Please do not ask why. I had no reason.

  • Hey - he said.
  • Hi. - I said back jerkily. - You owe me an essay - it seems that my anger got escalated again... But he did not know what I was talking about.. So I had to explain it.
  • I got late from SS because of you and the teacher asked to get him a 2000 words essay for today. - I said with a deep breath. I was not the one who had to explain everything!
  • Oh, you mean that you got late from class beacuse you could not stop punching my chest for like 5 minutes?

Here we go again. I am pissed. Congrats moron.

  • You are VERY funny - I said ironically.
  • I know, I have been told a lot. - he reacted.
  • I can only imagine.. All the girls who get in your trap are crazy.
  • If you say so - and he stood up because the College stop was the next.
  • You know, I know you are a jerk even if you pretend to be able to talk more than 2 words to  someone.
  • You know, if you know me that much, I should not be the one talking. - and he got off the bus, I followed him.. At least I wanted to.. But I slipped on the ice. For my luck the bus already left the stop so I did not have to die as a hero.
  • It seems like you already have issues, I guess you had the same co-ordinating problem yesterday, and it was not me who caused it - he said and he offered me a hand to get back to my legs. Well, I am not that stubborn that I refuse him and wait till my jeans get totally wet. But one thing was sure, I have to get some snow boots, this scene is already enough once in a lifetime.

So I took his hands and he pulled me back to my legs. Our bodies got close because of the dynamic of his movements. After making sure that I stood safe, I took my hands from his.

We were walking the way to the College silently. When we got to the main entrance, he jumped in front of me, as if wanting to say something..
  • At least you could have said thank you - he said on a very low voice.
  • Just because you had one human moment, it does not mean that we are BFF's. - I turned back at him.
  • Ok, well, as you wish. - he said and by the time I was ready to reply some witty answer, he was nowhere.

He left me. Left me there again.


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